Art, when breaking a paradigm, is political by essence.

To break a paradigm, through art, is to emancipate an individual. 

To emancipate oneself is to deconstruct oneself in a process of cyclical and eternal subjectivation.

Nowhere, no One is the story of a refugee from nowhere who has nowhere to go.

His tool is to question, in Socratic maieutics, to undermine the chains of human archetypes.

Physical, mental, sentimental and spiritual dimensions are represented by their “prisoners”: the merchant, the guard, the preacher and the teacher.

Freeing them through questioning, No One searches for his subjectivity, embodying his identity, his sense of self.

Facing Fear he learns to FIGHT

Facing Guilt he learns PASSION

Facing Shame he learns WILL

Facing Pain he learns LOVE

Facing Denial he learns TRUTH

Facing Illusion he learns VISION

Facing Attachment he learns RECONNECTION

But is there a way to learn freedom?

From Gr8artgames -


Pedro Zambon

Guilherme Marques

Celso Fujimoto

Tomás Mendonça

Thiago Schiefer

Camilo Rebouças

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